Our School

Andrew Jackson Elementary Welcomes You!

Andrew Jackson Elementary is a family and community-based school within the McGavock cluster.

AJS has the support of many community partners and you will notice that our families are also a huge part of what makes AJS so special. Instructionally the staff is dedicated to a school-wide movement of focusing on learning. With the focus on students and meeting each student where they are academically, socially and emotionally. AJS has focused our efforts on collaborative planning, rigorous instruction, RTI (Response to Intervention), Restorative Practice and morning/closing meetings.

We have tremendous talent on our staff, and in many cases people just need the space to operate and navigate. The staff at AJS is leading this charge and working together in a synergistic motion that certainly makes us collectively more effective.

It is impossible to point at one thing to identify as the “one thing” that makes AJS so special. Success comes in all shapes and sizes, and we have a countless number of incredible indicators of success. We also have 450 students who are successful and talented in some individual aspect and we strive to help students develop those skills to be competitive in an ever-changing world.

The synergy with which we move forward is growing, as we continue to make the experience of being at Andrew Jackson Elementary the best we possibly can. The “we” is everyone who has some affiliation with AJS. We do this together, as we are all part of AJS in this moment. Be part of the “us!"